Wood oven pizzas

classic, calzone or special

At Bambino’s, our pizza is unpretentious

A perfect crust, fresh, generous toppings, cooked just right... our pizzas, carefully prepared, are so enticing with an endless variety of flavours. So many tantalizing options to whet your appetite!

A place, a spirit

indoor or outdoor

La Dolce Vita

Our menu takes you on a culinary trip to Italy. Step by step to suit your mood – give in to the antipasti, melt for a pizza or pasta that will remind you of Italy, surrender to a great culinary classic in tribute to la dolce vita...

Transalpine cuisine

dishes, pasta & desserts

Italy in Occitania

Enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere of a trattoria at Bambino’s, fun with a family-style welcome that’s down to earth. Our motto has been the same for several generations – no frills cooking but always "tutto delizioso".